Body Care Massage Services

Body massage services are usually done in an hour

For a new client that has never had a massage, they can request a half hour just to try one out. It is very relaxing when a Swedish massage is done . These are light manipulations that are performed and very relaxing and peaceful.Linda Lavelle, massage service specialist

A deep tissue massage gets into the muscles and tightened areas to help release toxins in the area and after the massage, would recommend lots of water to rid the body of toxins, and heat can be applied in the evening to relax the muscles even further.

We also have a hot stone massage service. If that’s you want to experience complete relaxation, we recommend this service. Hot basalt stones are used along with oils and aromatherapy oils according to relaxation, energy, sinus problems etc. then we use a combination of Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu massages. You leave very relaxed and will have a wonderful sleep at night.

Reflexology is a treatment that is done on your feet, and besides relaxation and feet that feel like dancing, we work on the Chinese meridians to help find problems in your body that can relate to thyroid, sinus problems, stomach problems, and gynecology problems among a few items. 

As a body care, massage specialist, we can find problems with the way you walk and why calluses are developing, and also we are able to suggest a specialist that can help you in the problems that we find located in your feet!

Any massage will help tightened areas, find problem areas in your body, and can help relax you which is excellent for your well being! 

Try our one hour massage service and after just one hour, you will want more because you won’t want to leave this peaceful tranquil cocoon that has been made for you!

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Massage services performed as an outcall service, at your residence or at the Hotel you are staying at.