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Linda Lavelle, esthetician, healthy skin specialist!
Linda Lavelle, esthetician, healthy skin specialist!

Linda LaVelle Skin Care products are made in a lab that specifically targets sensitive skin and excluding things such as parabens and perfume. Our skin care products are made in mind to be vegan free, animal cruelty free, and many harmful ingredients such as mineral oil completely eliminated from all products. My statement of purity is right on the first page of my product line so you can see what is contained in the product line.

We have lines such as oily, sensitive, rosacea, dry, aging and hyperpigmentation problems for many types of skin.

Oily skin can be very difficult to treat. Some clients have oily pustules and blackheads. Some have that plus extreme dryness and sensitivity. All have to be treated with different products catered to their skin type. My oily line is extensive, and once skin type is found, a correct diagnosis can be determined.

Rosacea is a condition that starts in your 30s and continue throughout your hormonal times. My condition flares up occasionally, and is usually do to my diet or stress. I have 6 products that specialize in this specific problem.
Sensitive skin is my specialty, as I have had this problem since age 20 and was never able to use products that were in the drugstore, or products that contained perfume and mineral oil. My line contains 6 products that specialize in this area.

Dry and aging skin require even more products as some people are dry, some people are still oily in areas, and some people just need anti aging products from sun exposure, environmental aging, and basic damage throughout their life. Catching this at an early age will keep this anti aging at a minimum. I have 10 products catered to dry and anti aging skin.

As far as allergies, I as a skin specialist went in this business for a reason. I was so sensitive to many products out on the market that I wanted to make a skin care product that contained all natural ingredients and no fragrance. The natural smell of rose hips, vitamins and plant extracts leaves my skin with calming natural fragrances that doesn’t bother my type of skin at all. That is why I perfected this for clients that can’t tolerate fragrance and other ingredients requiring sensitivity.

If you have any questions on my products you can contact me and I’ll be happy to help you with your skin problems just with a description of your skin type and your sensitivities. 

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