Signature Facials & Peels

A signature facial is a specialized
facial for each skin type. 

Your skin can be oily, acne, sensitive, rosacea, dry, aging or combination skin. With a Signature facial, we use specialized products and masques to accommodate every skin type.

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For example, a sensitive skin will require an ampule with calming additives and vitamins to help restore balance to sensitive areas. Then a calming serum is applied before the vaporizing process, sometimes requiring 3 or 4 serums. Once the skin is restored to normal balance, you can now start the vaporizing process.

Every skin is different. Some require 5-10 minutes to open the pores. Sensitive skin takes only 3 minutes, and the pores are opened and then the work required can be in detail, depending on whiteheads, blackheads, and severe dehydration of skin.

An experienced Specialist will be able to determine what is needed once they examine the skin and see the different problems occurring. My 45 years in this field has taught me that no skin is alike, and what may work for one client doesn’t work for another!

That is why a detailed map of each clients skin is written, along with the consult and regimen required for each home use.

We start with a skin analysis, do a deep cleansing to rid of dead cells, take all makeup off, and then proceed with serums and creams devoted to each skin type. Aromatherapy is used to calm the client, and shiatsu light massage is provided if the client wants. Light massage is applied on the face and décolleté area. Vaporizing and steaming is applied to open pores and relax the client. A thorough massage on arms and creams and moisturizers are used to help with dead cell removal.

After vaporizing, we use European and American techniques to cleanse the pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads that accumulate.

After the cleaning we apply masques according to sensitivity and skin types. If required, we would suggest a peel to rid of dead cells or to help with any problems of the skin such as hyperpigmentation, aging skin, or oily skin.

Microdermabrasion could also be used, but peels and microdermabrasion are extra services that require extra time and additional charge.

We then massage the skin and décolleté area and leave with skin looking glowy and clean. A sunblock is applied before leaving, and a skin regime is suggested for each skin type.

Signature Facials & Peels

There are many peels that can be used for many skin types. We have Vitamin A for aging skin as well as young skin in need of Vitamin A. We also use Vitamin C for all types of skin except for Rosacea where it would be too sensitive.

An excellent peel for oily or acne skin is a glycolic and salicylic acid peel to help heal the skin and restore the acid mantle of the skin.

A Rosacea peel can consist of mandaleic acid, lactic acid and cooling serums to calm the skin down along with icing agents to restore balance to skin.

A dry aging skin can use many types of peels depending on their sensitivity. We have 13 peels, and I blend many according to skin type.

We also have a stronger peel containing TCA and Benzol  that is a strong peel and  will lightly peel the skin for 5-7 days. This one needs tender loving care, but works beautifully for lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation peel is used for lightening skin and we use a combination of lactic, glycolic, salicylic and pumpkin to help lighten naturally.

The best advice is provided by your skin specialist according to your lifestyle and skin type

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