Acne & Disorders of The Skin

Acne is a chronic condition of the skin. It affects millions of people and is frequently treated in Esthetics.
There are many treatments for eliminating acne.
It all starts with genes. People troubled by acne are genetically coded for Hyperkeratosis, a condition where dead epidermal cells stick to the skin and within hair follicles.An overproduction of sebum constantly coats these cells and build up, initiating a clumping process inside the follicle. This clumping of dead cells and hardened sebum evolves into open and closed comedones. This is commonly called blackheads and whiteheads. Some form inflammatory lesions forming Papuans and pustules. When the follicles are blocked, bacteria is formed. This makes it an ideal place to flourish in the follicle.
The Esthetic treatment of acne involves a multi tactical approach and besides Facial treatments, a home care treatment is essential. 
In the facial room, there are tactical treatments we follow to slow down this process. From AHAs to BPOS to Sulphur, Mud and Acids as well as Retinol, these are all used along with extraction to boost the clearing of problem skin.
When the condition is under control, Microdermabrasion is used to clear the top layer of skin from dead cell build up, clean the follicle up, and help with hyperpigmentation from former acne scars.
Clearing acne takes a programmatic approach. We need to coordinate a program tailored to the clients condition and sensitivity level. Education is paramount to keeping the skin clear and prevent this from occurring again.
(Excerpts from Mark Taylor, Skin Inc.)