Cosmetics and Skin that are kind to Animals

With the terms “cruelty “ free and “vegan free are prominently promoted in other media. Some people might be inclined to dismiss them as a fad. However, respect for other living creatures and the planet will never go out as many businesses are becoming more purposeful in their missions as is growing consumer interest in supporting these ethically sound companies. I believe it’s accurate to say that
cruelty free and vegan free skin care companies are here to stay. The movement is not only in fashion now, but it will also be a factor that influences how customers perceive businesses in the future.
Customers are becoming increasingly aware of and passionate about what companies stand for. The Spa industry is one example of a cruelty and vegan free that embraces this in their mission statement.
Although most people have some understanding of animal testing, many may not realize that it’s still a widespread practice in the cosmetic and skin care industry. Over 100 million animals are unnecessarily used for testing each year. What is frustrating is that there is no reason for it. They could use suitable alternatives such as artificial skin or consenting human test subjects. Manufacturers have viable options. The FDA does not require that they have animal testing for their products, so why use them?
Moreover, there’s no excuse for buying skin care products that have been tested on animals. When you select cruelty free products, you save innocent animals from undergoing pain and suffering, and you a have clear understanding of what you are purchasing.
In Linda LaVelles skin care products, we have taken pride in having cruelty free and vegan products for 36 years. Take a look at our website and study our statement for our skin care products
Excerpts from Heather Krieder, Skin Inc magazine.