Sun Damage and Aging

Sun damage is one of the worst signs of aging.The severity of the symptoms pops up in later years sometimes revealing alligator
skin, thinning of skin, creepy hanging skin, and hyperpigmentation of areas including arms and legs.
Repeated and exposure to sunlight, especially unprotected exposure is the most prevalent factor in controllable aging. Most
sun damage is caused by daily ambient exposure. This means casual exposure that can be caused by working outside in your
garden, talking with your neighbor, sitting by windows, driving to work. The number one way to help protect you is to wear a
good sunblock of 30 before walking out your door in the morning.
Clients who deliberately tan will have the most signs of sun damage. Many of these clients tan year round. Some use tanning
beds, some go and lay out at the beach. Some are in full time jobs requiring full sunlight. Whatever the choice, you have to
exercise your right to sunblock even more than the average client. If no skin block is used,, their skin will look like a farmer who
has been out in the sun every day.
Sun exposure causes a myriad of problems. There are immune responses in the skin. The suns rays create free radicals in the
skin. These are wild unstable cells that attack skin cells, while trying to chemically stabilize. The skins immune system responds
by resulting in the production of self destruct enzymes such as collagen, elastin,and hylaronase. These enzymes ultimately
destroy all three enzymes in the skin.
This damage accumulates every time you are out in the sun,whether it be walking or gardening, wrinkles, leather texture,
elastin loss, pigment changes and abnormal tissue all become part of the scenario.
Chronic inflammation of the skin can have a similar effect on the skin. This might include pollution factors, internal disease, and
chronic conditions that leave the skin in a reddened and sensitive state. Exfoliation is good for the epidermis of the skin,
however if you are over exfoliating, such as using peels at home, too many chemicals and peel products can potentially cause
this type of damage.
With sun damage occurring, you also have the factors of stress,smoking and alcohol added into this scenario. The free radicals
created by these three factors and add the sun in to the scene create a myriad of health factors and aging of the skin.
Treatment can be accomplished with regular facials and microdermabrasion combined with Microneedling. Monthly facials
must be stressed in order to improve your skin. A total sunblock of 30 is required to help protect from further damage.Your at
home care regime is just as important as your monthly facial. You will see a big difference in just one treatment, so don’t be
afraid to help your skin look better and not aging!, Excerpts from Mark Lees PHD