Cosmetics and Skin that are kind to Animals

With the terms “cruelty “ free and “vegan free are prominently promoted in other media. Some people might be inclined to dismiss them as a fad. However, respect for other living creatures and the planet will never go out as many businesses are becoming more purposeful in their missions as is growing consumer interest in supporting these ethically sound companies. I believe it’s accurate to say that
cruelty free and vegan free skin care companies are here to stay. The movement is not only in fashion now, but it will also be a factor that influences how customers perceive businesses in the future.
Customers are becoming increasingly aware of and passionate about what companies stand for. The Spa industry is one example of a cruelty and vegan free that embraces this in their mission statement.
Although most people have some understanding of animal testing, many may not realize that it’s still a widespread practice in the cosmetic and skin care industry. Over 100 million animals are unnecessarily used for testing each year. What is frustrating is that there is no reason for it. They could use suitable alternatives such as artificial skin or consenting human test subjects. Manufacturers have viable options. The FDA does not require that they have animal testing for their products, so why use them?
Moreover, there’s no excuse for buying skin care products that have been tested on animals. When you select cruelty free products, you save innocent animals from undergoing pain and suffering, and you a have clear understanding of what you are purchasing.
In Linda LaVelles skin care products, we have taken pride in having cruelty free and vegan products for 36 years. Take a look at our website and study our statement for our skin care products
Excerpts from Heather Krieder, Skin Inc magazine.

Birthday aging or environmental sun damage

Most clients will have birthday aging and sun damage. The severity will vary based on the amount of sun exposure they have experienced. Everyone over the age of 30 years old will have some form of aging, primarily expression lines. These first appear in the outer eye areas and forehead, and eventually lead to the folds around the nasalabial folds. The age at which sun damage appears depends on the Fitzpatrick scale for skin types, and the amount of sun exposure that the client has endured. 
By avoidance of sun and daily use of sunscreen, you can help ward off the daily appearance of aging skin.
As a skin specialist, it is imperative that I educate my client about the devastating effects of sun on skin. It should be stressed that damage is cumulative, like termites destroying a house.
Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E, A and plant cells are ingredients that have to be formulated for every different type of skin depending on sensitivity. We also have age management  performance ingredients in high tech serums and moisturizers that help maintain a plentiful amount of moisture and lipids in the epidermis. Cell turnover is greatly enhanced by AHAs to make the surface appear younger and translucent, and they also trigger production of moisture binding lipids that help support a younger looking appearance of smoother, firmer skin and a healthy glow.
Home care is essential as well as regular hydrating facials and microdermabrasion treatments. Using proper cleansing products as well as serums and moisturizers will help combat the birthday or aging skin.
(excerpts from Mark Lees PHD) 

Causes of Pigmentation

Esthetician’s deal with this problem in almost everyone’s skin. Bright glowing skin is a look most clients strive to achieve. Unfortunately, most skins battle some form of pigmentation problems ranging from sun exposure to hormones to inflammation to the skin. Pigmentation issues can also display in different ways. Some have heavy pigmentation under eyes, some have scattered pigmentation on cheeks, and some have pigmentation on hands and arms from sun. Check out this article.
By using my Fade and Light serum you can return your skin to happy healthy glowing skin in a week and beyond.

Microneedle and the client

Before receiving a Microneedle treatment, a skin analysis must be completed. The client needs to inform the Esthetician what her thoughts are, and what they would like to achieve. Then a form is filled out noting your meds, products and sensitivity. Pictures are taken to show beginning and after. 
A strict regimen is followed 3 days before the treatment, and 3 days after the treatment. In a week, you will start to see collagen formation and smoother glowing skin.
As a Specialist in Microneedle, I like to do a Microdermabrasion one week after to get all dead cells off and give you that glow!  Dr. Mark B. Taylor Video Review of Dermapen Micro Needling

Acne & Disorders of The Skin

Acne is a chronic condition of the skin. It affects millions of people and is frequently treated in Esthetics.
There are many treatments for eliminating acne.
It all starts with genes. People troubled by acne are genetically coded for Hyperkeratosis, a condition where dead epidermal cells stick to the skin and within hair follicles.An overproduction of sebum constantly coats these cells and build up, initiating a clumping process inside the follicle. This clumping of dead cells and hardened sebum evolves into open and closed comedones. This is commonly called blackheads and whiteheads. Some form inflammatory lesions forming Papuans and pustules. When the follicles are blocked, bacteria is formed. This makes it an ideal place to flourish in the follicle.
The Esthetic treatment of acne involves a multi tactical approach and besides Facial treatments, a home care treatment is essential. 
In the facial room, there are tactical treatments we follow to slow down this process. From AHAs to BPOS to Sulphur, Mud and Acids as well as Retinol, these are all used along with extraction to boost the clearing of problem skin.
When the condition is under control, Microdermabrasion is used to clear the top layer of skin from dead cell build up, clean the follicle up, and help with hyperpigmentation from former acne scars.
Clearing acne takes a programmatic approach. We need to coordinate a program tailored to the clients condition and sensitivity level. Education is paramount to keeping the skin clear and prevent this from occurring again.
(Excerpts from Mark Taylor, Skin Inc.)

Anti Aging Tips

From age 30 and up you need these tips to start your anti aging skin! 
1. Protect your skin from the sun.
2. No indoor tanning it has harmful UV rays
3. Apply a serum and moisturizer meant for your skin type AM and PM.
4. Wash with cleanser or exfoliator AM and PM. Tone skin after cleansing. 
5. Stop smoking!
6. Eat healthy foods
7. Get enough sleep
Look through my website as I carry many anti aging products!

Sun Damage and Aging

Sun damage is one of the worst signs of aging.The severity of the symptoms pops up in later years sometimes revealing alligator
skin, thinning of skin, creepy hanging skin, and hyperpigmentation of areas including arms and legs.
Repeated and exposure to sunlight, especially unprotected exposure is the most prevalent factor in controllable aging. Most
sun damage is caused by daily ambient exposure. This means casual exposure that can be caused by working outside in your
garden, talking with your neighbor, sitting by windows, driving to work. The number one way to help protect you is to wear a
good sunblock of 30 before walking out your door in the morning.
Clients who deliberately tan will have the most signs of sun damage. Many of these clients tan year round. Some use tanning
beds, some go and lay out at the beach. Some are in full time jobs requiring full sunlight. Whatever the choice, you have to
exercise your right to sunblock even more than the average client. If no skin block is used,, their skin will look like a farmer who
has been out in the sun every day.
Sun exposure causes a myriad of problems. There are immune responses in the skin. The suns rays create free radicals in the
skin. These are wild unstable cells that attack skin cells, while trying to chemically stabilize. The skins immune system responds
by resulting in the production of self destruct enzymes such as collagen, elastin,and hylaronase. These enzymes ultimately
destroy all three enzymes in the skin.
This damage accumulates every time you are out in the sun,whether it be walking or gardening, wrinkles, leather texture,
elastin loss, pigment changes and abnormal tissue all become part of the scenario.
Chronic inflammation of the skin can have a similar effect on the skin. This might include pollution factors, internal disease, and
chronic conditions that leave the skin in a reddened and sensitive state. Exfoliation is good for the epidermis of the skin,
however if you are over exfoliating, such as using peels at home, too many chemicals and peel products can potentially cause
this type of damage.
With sun damage occurring, you also have the factors of stress,smoking and alcohol added into this scenario. The free radicals
created by these three factors and add the sun in to the scene create a myriad of health factors and aging of the skin.
Treatment can be accomplished with regular facials and microdermabrasion combined with Microneedling. Monthly facials
must be stressed in order to improve your skin. A total sunblock of 30 is required to help protect from further damage.Your at
home care regime is just as important as your monthly facial. You will see a big difference in just one treatment, so don’t be
afraid to help your skin look better and not aging!, Excerpts from Mark Lees PHD

What is Sensitive Skin

As an Esthetician, I work on sensitive skin constantly. A sensitive skin is made up of a thinner skin, prone to fragile capillaries, easily reddens, rashes occur especially in response to an outside influence. Sensitive skin over reacts to external factors such as pollution, sun, wind, stress, and smoking. Check out This Information.
Inferior ingredients or formulations in topicals, dyes preservatives, perfume all contribute to sensitivity. My products have none of these factors!

Losing Weight & Skin

Losing weight is a much better healthy alternative to skin that is puffy and swollen due to weight gain.
When losing weight, please take it easy as 2-3 pounds a week is recommended.
If you lose weight too fast, you risk saggy skin, loose skin, and collagen fibers sagging as well.
You need regular facials to moisturize the skin, tighten the surrounding skin, and a new skin care regime to help keep your skin bouncing back to normal.